November 2000     25"high x 45"wide

Discharged black cotton, stamped with textile ink, buttons, variegated rayon thread.

Images include DNA stamps (thus the title), people, coffee, food, airplanes, aliens, mermaids, bears, reindeer, Santa Claus.  My comment on the all and everything of life.

Inspiration:  This quilt represents my feelings about trying to sum up ones' life in a piece of artwork.  The story of my life can be broken down and represented as a series of images or symbols.  The most basic of these, the starting point is my DNA which is shown repeatedly through the piece.  Then various animals and foods represent the life-sustaining beings which have supported my life to date.  Some of these images also represent parts of my personality or experiences that I have had, such as the cat, bear, coffee.  Then three images of  females are used, one a mermaid, a housewife pogo jumping, and a male/female couple jumping into the unknown.  These three images represent my three stages of life so far, the mystical childhood where anything is possible, the housewife jumping to just keep it together through adulthood, the male/female couple jumping away off into the future.  Many layers of meaning from image can be derived, and then they can be indexed together to explain the whole, again bringing us back to the ultimate indexing system, DNA the "STUFF OF LIFE"....
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