Nine Flies Flew
August 2001

28"h x 33"w
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Construction:  Fly screen, satin, silk, rayon, commercial cottons, hand-dyed/painted/discharged cotton, vintage Marimekko border fabric, fly images from silk upholstery (ok they are probably actually bee images).

Inspiration:  My Mother recently gave me some boxes of fabric scraps, and I pulled out the blue background which is prequilted poly/cotton originally intended for clothing :)  The shape of two sleeve pieces sewn together gave me an idea for a flyswatter shape, and I also had some scraps from some generous quilters who weren't using "strange fabrics" anymore.  This all landed on my sewing table at the same time, and all got mixed up into this creation.

This quilt was displayed at the SCMAC show #9 from September to October 2001.